PV Fiberglass Pools MA is in the business of making people’s private backyard pool a reality. If you have ever dreamed of having your own backyard pool, our pool company can make it happen. We offer over fifty different types of pool designs; so there is bound to be one to accommodate the size and shape of your backyard.

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Fiberglass Pool Installations

Because pools vary by size and shape and require different installations, it is impossible for us to give an accurate quote without more information. The entire cost of the pool and installation fluctuate greatly depending on the size of the pool, lighting systems, filtration systems, covers and more. Many of these features are optional and can be excluded if you are looking to get a pool on a budget.  The best way to find out what a fiberglass pool would approximately cost you is to fill out our handy contact form or to call our offices where one of your certified pool installation specialists can assist you. Many pool companies try to tack on additional fees or swindle clients into buying additional items that they really don’t need;  Pioneer Valley Fiberglass pools doesn’t do this. We only want to assist you in the getting the pool you want and can afford.

If you are handy and know your way around pool installation, PVFP Massachusetts will even sell you a DIY fiberglass pool installation kit. These kits can be delivered straight to your home with all the needed parts. But be warned; only experts should try to install their own fiberglass pool. Installation can be very tricky and a bad installation can easily cost thousands to fix.

There are many myths surrounding fiberglass pools especially here in the northeast. One of the most prevalent myths is that fiberglass pools cannot survive the freezing temperatures that occur during winter. This is a completely bogus myth, as fiberglass pools have the ability to flex and the freezing/thawing temperatures will have no effect on the pool’s shell or liner. In fact, fiberglass pools are extremely popular in Canada! Pipes running to the pool should be winterized though to avoid bursting.

Another popular myth is that fiberglass pools will pop out of the ground. We at PVFP Massachusetts have never seen a pool popping out of the ground nor have we ever heard of it from any fiberglass pool installer. We suspect concrete pool companies made this rumor up to swindle people into paying for a more expensive pool.  A fiberglass pool is just as safe as a concrete pool and costs considerably less. Make the right call for your backyard with a pool from PV Fiberglass Pools.

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