Before having a conversation with a fiberglass pool contractor, consider the purpose of your future pool. Couples might want it to be a combination of relaxing retreat, romantic getaway and oasis in their own back yard. Families want a place to enjoy each other’s company while having a blast. Some families want a combination of oasis and family playground. The purpose behind your pool will influence the design elements.

Fiberglass pool with gazeboDimensions

The pool contractor will help you on this step, but it’s important that the homeowner understand the obstacles in their yard that might create problems. A wide open backyard can be deceiving if there are pipes or septic tanks under the soil. You might want to avoid a favorite tree or work around a cement path. These obstacles will influence the pool’s design.

Design Accessories

When designing the pool for your backyard with your contractor, think about the accessories you’d like to use. It’s more than the shape of your pool. A bare, rectangle pool can become a stunning oasis with the addition of a few plants and strategic lighting. A pool design with a bridge, fountain and waterfall will become a homeowner’s private vacation spot during a hectic work week. The accessories can make the difference in a pool’s design. Consider whether you’d like tanning ledges, a slide for the kids or a waterfall for yourself.

Pool with fountains and gas fireVisual Considerations

If you’d like to see your pool from the house, think about the design elements that you’d like to incorporate. A waterfall with beautiful lighting can be tranquil and soothing when seen from a window. If you don’t want to see the pool from the house, think about the screening design that will block the view. Will it be a blank wall, or a screen of plants and flowers?

Your Pool’s Theme

The design of a pool is not unlike the design for a room in your home. This outdoor room should be a cohesive blend of color and materials. The blue of the water can influence the colors in the decor, or you could choose a completely different color for the tiles and accessories. A great pool design will follow a theme while staying true to a family’s needs.

The pool contractor will help you make the final decisions regarding your design plans, but if you arrive with a well-defined wish list, it makes the process run much smoother.

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